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Gaiwan - Restorative Brewing

Similar to using a small teapot, brewing with a Gaiwan (traditional Chinese tea bowl) allows you to experience the different layers of the tea aroma, while being able to observe the changes of the tea leaves as they slowly start to bloom. It is truly a pleasant adventure for all five senses.

Method: Multiple Steeps (40%-30%-20%-10% Flavor Extractions)


  • Restorative and relaxing ritual
  • Unveils different layers of the tea aroma each steep
  • Brings out a much more complex taste profile
  • Uses a smaller amount of tea



  • Gaiwan (Approx. 150mL)
  • Kettle
  • Server
  • Tea cups
  • Scale**

** Optional, but highly recommended for a perfect tea experience



Step 1: Weigh 5g of oolong tea or simply cover the bottom of the Gaiwan with a thin layer of tea
Step 2: Bring water to boiling temperature (212ºF)
Step 3: Infuse hot water
Step 4: Put on the lid and steep for 1 minute for the tea leaf to fully bloom (open up)
Step 5: Make a small opening between the lid and the bowl
Step 6: Secure the Gaiwan with thumb and middle finger holding the side and index finger gently pressing down the lid
* Please be careful. This step is tricky and the Gaiwan can be very hot. We recommend practice pouring a few times with room temperature water prior to brewing.
Step 7: Pour tea into server
Step 8: Serve to tea cup and enjoy
Step 9: Infuse hot water again and re-steep for 30 secs and pour out
Step 9: Repeat the above re-steeping steps until the tea has little to no flavor
*Please lower the amount of tea, water temperature and steep time when brewing green tea.