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Small Teapot

Small Teapot- Restorative Brewing

Use this method for a restorative experience for the mind and body. Experience the different layers of tea aroma and taste a light, yet ever-so-fragrant cup.

Method: Multiple Steeps (45%-30%-15%-10% Flavor Extractions)


  • Restorative and relaxing ritual
  • Unveils different layers of the tea aroma each steep
  • Brings out a much more complex taste profile
  • Uses a smaller amount of tea




  • Small Teapot (150mL - 250mL)
  • Kettle
  • Server
  • Tea Cup
  • Scale**
  • Strainer**

** Optional, but highly recommended for a perfect tea experience



Step 1: Weigh 5g of oolong tea or simply cover the bottom of the teapot with a thin layer of tea
Step 2: Bring water to boiling temperature (212ºF)
Step 3: Infuse hot water
Step 4: Put on the lid and steep for 1 minute for the tea leaf to fully bloom (open up)
Step 5: Pour tea into a server
(A mesh strainer can be used to filter out the tea leaves and have an absolute clean cup)
Step 6: Serve to tea cup and enjoy
Step 7: Infuse hot water again and re-steep for 30 secs and pour out
Step 8: Repeat the above re-steeping steps until the tea has little to no flavor
*Please lower the amount of tea, water temperature and steep time when brewing green tea.