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Tea Glass

Tea Glass - Simple and Elegant

It cannot get simpler than this. It is an amazing sensory experience and is great for both a busy work day or a last minute dinner tea pairing.

Method: Single Steep (100% Flavor Extraction)


  • Quick and easy
  • Minimum preparation
  • Extracts 100% of the tea aroma
  • Uses a small amount of tea


  • Heat-Resistant Tea Glass (350mL - 400mL)
  • Kettle


Step 1: Insert a teaspoon of tea into tea glass
Step :2 Infuse hot water 
Step 3: Wait for the tea to cool down to drinking temperature (hint: It should note feel hot to the hand and tea leaves should be partially opened)
Step 4: Sip and enjoy a fine cup of tea
*Please lower the amount of tea, water temperature and steep time when brewing green tea.